About this project:

Feminist Abundance is how I help radical women and queer business owners thrive and have the relationship they want with money and abundance.


I'm passionate about helping people who want something DRASTICALLY different to what exists right now.

I help you to create the resources you need to do the best version of your work in the world.


While we’re involved in the struggles for a more beautiful world, we also need to navigate and thrive in capitalism as it stands. What you’ll find here is mainly aimed at people who have started their own businesses and want to earn more, or who are wanting to go further and experiment with radical economics.


I believe we can create lives of magic, meaning and possibility, and that it's possible to navigate this shit if we do it together!

Hi, I'm Sophie Macklin.

I'm an anti-capitalist money coach. I'm a queer femme in love with the magic of valuing and care. I believe our relationships to economics and how we meet needs can be radically transformed. 

I trust your desires


For many years,  I have been passionate about co-creating a new vision of work, relationships, resource distribution and what it means to thrive. I've investigated how and why we value certain things and not others, especially things associated with women. Feminist Abundance is a way of being that prioritizes care for each other; and acknowledges and works to dismantle systemic oppression. It centers our own healing and recognizes that self worth is political. If we access the true value of our gifts, and share those gifts with the world, we become creators of true wealth. 

My Training

For over a decade I have trained and practiced in a wide range of socially engaged modalities, including Nonviolent Communication; NLP-based Transformational Coaching; Conflict Resolution, Facilitation & Mediation; Family Constellations; Drama Therapy; Cultures of Queer-Feminism, Anarchism and Radical Spirituality; Online Business Building; Wealth Consciousness Training; and I studied Social Anthropology and Gender studies in university. I now integrate these skills into my Feminist Abundance coaching work, to contribute to deep healing and transformation in my clients lives.

My interest in this work


I love money. I find it endlessly fascinating. Ever since  I was a little kid I’ve been deeply curious about the concept of property, and why some people “own” certain things (honestly, it didn’t make much sense to me).

As I grew up I experimented with all different kinds of ways of dealing with money. How to get it, how to share it, how to live with as little as possible, how to make as much as possible. Because of this passion for money, I studied economics informally - from Marxist, feminist and anarchist perspectives, different cultural and spiritual approaches, and business building, entrepreneurship, and more mainstream money mindset and abundance consciousness work.

I believe the current system for resource distribution is drastically unfair, and relies on the exploitation of the land and people. I'm invested in creating something different with you.

So much is possible!!! Let's create real wealth together.