Being With What’s True


 Finding what is found there

Start with the problem and the desired state - overwhelm, exhaustion, indecisiveness, confusion, not knowing where to start, comparison, feeling paralysed by where to start and what to do when you look around at the world. gas lighting. survival pressures, trying to push through, imposter syndrome,

decision making.

Strategies for being with whats true - creating the ground for emergent practices

building capcity for holding the grief underneath so much of our stuckness. grief for losses and limitations. sometimes our avoidance masks our pain. being willing to look at perfectionism and our desire to be good. and right. the need for certainty.. acceptance, not as condoning, but finding new ways to see whats really happening.

this is a way of being that can be applied to everything.

what makes it possible for us to let down our guard?

so much more grief, so much more joy, so much more aliveness and love.

being with whats true including selective use of presence - this sitatuion is overwhelming. we are extremely far from an ideal palce for calibrating our nervous systems and thriving. sometimes we need to check out. This is not about walking around as a live wire all the time (I spent most of my teens and twenties feeling EVERYTHING and it was a lot. Here we will wrok with disernment and care for the nervous system.

Being with whats true sows the seeds of courage - when we feel impacted, affected, and a part of things, capacity, capability,

aliveness for rebellion and heart felt action

no one has been through these times before. Our situation is unique. There is not an outside answer for what we should do, and there is no plan for the future to adhere to. This is a tool kit for non prescriptive social change and capacity building for alivness adn the ability to respond to things as they happen. I beleive creating from a place of groundedness and connection is a key to the. how we do this matters. there isn’t a one sixze fits all solution for either individual healing or the collective changes we long for.

being able to sit with complexity in trying times

but what can we do?…. whats true? whats true about the situation? what’s true about your capacity? whats true about your resources and abilities? These questions can be a guide into next steps.

doing what matters by being with whats true

your dreams and visions and longings are also true

adressing shoulds, codependence,

These are the states I hope to lean towards and encourage through this work. and the desired state: self compassion, compassion for others the ability to respond to the crises, more ease, more nervous system rest, tending to the hurt places and the stuck places, skills for holding grief. connecting to the land, situating ourselves in place and time. curiosity. learning. developing comfort with not knowing. connecting with possibility. the world opening up again. awe. wonder. humility.

Week 1. Relating to ourselves - needs, desires, capacity, felt sense, access

Week 2. Relating with others - boundaries, communication, care, clarity, capacity

Week 3. Relating to the whole - Ancestors, radical history, oppressive systems, the wider webs of life on earth that we belong to, the unseen worlds

Week 4. Relating to the world - work in the world, decision making, participating in the struggle for liberation

The format - weekly lessons via video, audio and writing. guided meditations, writing prompts, readings, suggestions.

When you sign up you will be sent the first module immediately. The foundations for the course, the ideas we are working with, the meta work.


This is a content rich course!

The influences - simone weil, peter block, donna haraway, silvia federici,

The why


When one is pretending the entire body revolts

the curious paradox is when I accept myself as I am, then I can change

Staying with the trouble without lurching to a techno fix

everything is connected to something

when we soften we connect to god