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Free yourself from anguish about money  by addressing the root of the problem - growing up and living in capitalism

Witness. Grieve. Move on.

Healing the Wounds of Capitalism is a 3 month, one-on-one deep dive into healing your relationship with money

By tending to what's really holding you back and transforming it, you're free to have the money and ease you're looking for.  



Does this sounds like you?

You want a healthy relationship with money.

You want to be able to have what you need, while deepening your work towards collective liberation.

You’ve looked for support from mainstream money mindset teachers, but been left hungry from their individualism and lack of systemic analysis.

You've done everything you can to get over your personal 'money stuff'. But while it sometimes seems to work for a while, you're always left back where you started.

What if your money block isn't you? 

What if it's capitalism and oppression?

Here we heal your money blocks by seeing them for what they truly are - the wounds of capitalism.

Wounds need healing, and part of that healing is recognizing and feeling your grief.


Once we recognize our wounds, grieve, and integrate what we find, we can go for what we want with clear eyes, ready to take action.

Do you recognize yourself in these painful realities?

You have to commodify and sell your time in order to survive
You spend time doing things that aren't meaningful to you
You feel like you have to compete with others for scarce resources (money, clients etc)
You feel guilty and ashamed for having money, not having money, asking for money
You feel like you have to keep your money stories and feelings a secret
You feel like money is out of reach for someone like you
You've absorbed the idea that you must "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" and feel like a failure if you are not "successful"
You feel unworthy of money and having your needs met
You worry about making enough money to have the things you need

You can't imagine something different...

These are not just your individual issues!

They aren’t just your family stories either. They are systemic. Feeling confused and pained about money is the logical result of growing up in capitalism. Growing up with this conditioning is not your fault - but you do have the power to transform and heal. 

"Grieve, so that you can be free to feel something else" - Nayyirah Waheed

"Grieve, so that you can be free to feel something else" - Nayyirah Waheed

This is an anti-gaslighting intensive.

We name. We feel. We grieve. We acknowledge the pain of living in an ecologically destructive and drastically unfair money system that has harmed us. That has harmed others.

Your truth is explored and found, and contextualized in the truth of this moment, and the historical threads that brought us here. The gross inequality and empire we see today is not the norm throughout space and time, but nor did it just occur. It's roots are traceable, and linked inextricably with patriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy. In a container of intimacy and safety, we will look at, and name, those threads, leaving you freer to act. 

We celebrate and find gratitude too. There are many luminous threads, both inside and outside of us, that can fortify and nourish our endeavors.

Bring your questions. Your stuck and icky places that you can't quite seem to find an answer to.


Intended Outcomes..

  • Relief
  • Freedom to make money
  • A cohesive grasp on systemic vs individual money issues
  • A liberated sense of possibility 
  • Valuing yourself, and seeing yourself as worthy of the things you need to thrive (including money)
  • The ability to lean towards economies of care and abundance 
  • Unlearn capitalist and patriarchal conditioning
  • Finally understanding your relationship with money and how it interacts with the whole
  • Enhanced clarity, bravery, and capacity
  • Know how to create life serving money experiments (I believe experiments lead to liberation)
  • Feel enhanced capacity for holding money, holding power, and holding resources
  • Go forth with frameworks and tools that will keep supporting you long after the program has ended

This program is not just about making it feel ok to be successful in this paradigm (although I absolutely intend for you to thrive). We take the work  dismantling of these intersecting oppressive systems whilst building your livelihood as central concerns for your wellbeing.

The goal is healing and transformation. For you, and for the waters you swim in. This is fortifying and clarifying medicine for you to carry forward into all that you do. 


The details

6 one hour sessions of exquisite attention and unconditional acceptance so that you feel completely safe as we go deep.

Email support so that you'll never have to deal with the issues and emotions that arise over money during the course alone.

Illuminating readings on that week's topic so that you have keys to understanding and transformation.

Reflective writing prompts to support your learning and healing.

Tools and resources to help you really shift things and get moving.

A hearty process of integration so that you can go forward and change your life.

As you start to embody yourself beyond capitalism, you simultaneously deconstruct the narratives that maintain colonialism and subjugation. You become free. 

Enrollment open September 22nd - October 22nd

Start dates available from October  3rd - November 2nd

$1200 total, or 3 Payments of $425.

$600 scholarships available for women and non-binary people of color. (These spots have now been taken. If you have access to resources and would like to pay for another scholarship place for someone that needs it, please message me).  

This is the rate that sustains me for this course. If it doesn't work for you right now, know that I will have different offerings in the future at different price points.

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Your Guide:


My name is Sophie Macklin, and I'm a queer anti-capitalist witch from England, currently living in the Bay Area of California. I'm passionate about women and queers getting paid for their work, mutual aid, and all of us getting imaginative about new economies and new ways of being. 

I’m coming from the premise that capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, homophobia etc are interconnected and terrible. I want something different.  I want a massive redistribution of wealth. I want us to undo conditioning that keeps us trapped. I want activists and people who are fighting for a different world to have what they need. I want reparations made to black and indigenous americans. I want a world where emotional labor is valued. Where power is held collectively and we live beyond the profit motive. I care a lot about bravery, compassion, dignity and solidarity. 

I've been a coach for about 5 years, and a space holder in different forms for a lot longer. I'm trained to hold grief, to hold conflict, to counsel and coach, and to articulate the relationship between the systemic and personal experience. Key influences on this particular course include Joanna Macy, Silvia Federici, Sobonfu Somé, adrienne maree brown, and David Graeber.


If you want to get to know me better before joining, you can email me at sophie@sophiemacklin.com or book a conversation with me here: