Q. What do you mean by feminism?

For me feminism means a restructuring of the world to be one that works for all. It also means focusing on the struggle to destroy patriarchy.

My feminism is intersectional - this means that gender liberation is inextricably bound with decolonization, the destruction of white supremacy, the valuing of all bodies, including sick and disabled ones, class struggle, and generally all struggles for liberation and against a domination/submission paradigm. 

I want a world where all bodies are safe and valued, and all expressions of gender are safe and valued. I also believe the valuing of traits traditionally associated with femininity (care, intuition, compassion, creativity, the dark, mystery etc) are key to creating the kinds of structures and ways of being that I long for. 

I call my project feminist abundance to align with a lot of the work, both past and present that women and queers are doing to create a new way of doing things.

I want to draw attention to the ways that women and non-binary people are silenced, devalued, and risk violence just for being.

Feminist economists who have considered how labor is valued, or how resources are distributed, are very influential on me, and inspire me to keep creating new forms that reflect my values.

Q. What do you mean by abundance?

For me abundance is a collective experience. I see abundance as both a mindset and emotional experience, AND a distribution of resources, in alignment with the earths natural limits and bounty, where basic needs are met with ease and beauty.

For me calling my business “feminist abundance” is to reflect my consistent working towards that world, and towards creating pockets of that experience for individuals and communities in the here and now - where resources are flowing, and needs are met with ease.

So…what’s feminist abundance?

So if you take the two concepts above and mix them together, this is what I see. Caring for bodies. Giving and receiving easily. Radically honest communication (including marketing). Generosity. Deep self worth, and a knowing of the value of all life. Unapologetic desire. Allowing intuition and mystery. Nourishment. Gifting. Centering of traditionally marginalized voices. Abundance of perspectives. Non-coercive – liberating. Enoughness, sufficiency. Resourcefulness. Deeply seeing and being seen. Working towards the restructuring of everything based on liberating principles. Self responsibility and community accountability. Acknowledging natural limits, laws, and capacities. It's vulnerable.

Feminist Abundance is feeling resourced enough to speak the truth and fight oppression.

Q. How can I be Anti-Capitalist and try and make more money at the same time? Isn't that hypocritical?

I believe that having our own business/income generating project is one strategy to meet our needs as we engage in our struggle to create something new. It has the potential to  free us up to create something meaningful for us, direct our own time, make alliances with things we value, and allow us to create a schedule that doesn't include a full time soul sucking job.

I see it as an interim project.

For now, we need money to survive and thrive in the system we live in, and I want feminists and queers to be as alive, full of their own magic, and powerful as possible.  

I believe that if we steer ourselves away from accumulation and exploitation in our work, and if we are transparent about our project as a way to meet some of our needs with money, it can be an aspect of caring for ourselves and communities, as we gather strength to tear this shit down, and get rid of capitalism for good. 

Q. I grew up without a lot of money and never really expected to make any. Is it possible to unlearn this and get out of feeling stuck?

Yes!!!! Growing up poor (I grew up poor) you get taught a lot of things about what to expect. A lot of it isn't conscious - but oppression, including internalized oppression, is real.

Luckily, because this programming is so widespread, it's easy to recognize and start shifting.

You might subconsciously or consciously believe you're not worthy of money.

You might believe that it's not ok to receive money.

You might believe that people won't like you if you make money.

You might have taken on the myth of meritocracy, individualism, and "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps", and feel like it's your fault that you don't have what you need. That there is something wrong with you.

Whatever it is, I promise, there are more empowering narratives for you to be living by, and we can start lovingly saying goodbye to internalized oppression right now on your way to more financial security. 

You are no more deserving, or less deserving than anyone else. We are all humans trying to meet our needs. You are worthy, you are whole, and you are brilliant.


You say there is not a lack of money in the world - how can that be true when so many people are struggling?

There is a huge amount of money in the world. Unfortunately we live in a system (capitalism) that increasingly centralizes resources, and creates massive spots of accumulated wealth, and vast areas of very real scarcity.  What we are experiencing is a distribution problem, not a genuine lack problem. There is enough food. There is enough water. If it wasn’t for the devastating impacts of colonialism and capitalism on the world, there wouldn’t be hunger. These are systemic, but created, inequalities.

There is an abundance of resources, and yes, of money too, and it’s just a question of finding the access points. For now, those access points are mainly exchanging goods and services for it, stealing it, asking for it, and receiving “interest” on investments.

The access points I can help you with here, are exchanging goods and services for money, and asking for it.

Once you have these skills, and the clear desire to receive money, the access points to it become noticeable and abundant. 

Is it ok for me to make money when others don’t have it?

I believe there is no escaping from the system we are living in – we are implicated in it’s maintenance, we benefit and suffer ( to widely varying degrees) with everyone else.  

I believe it’s up to us to choose HOW we participate, but I don’t belief we can opt out - even living in the woods with no money carries responsibilities.

I believe if we set up system of accountability on our path to generating more income, we can allow our resourcefulness in generating money to benefit our families, communities, and ultimately our struggles for liberation.

I also believe that when we are not stressed about money, it frees up a whole lot of energy for really giving our gifts in the world, and showing up for all the different things we care about and belong to. 

Isn’t making money wrong? Am I going to become corrupt if I make more money than my friends and family?

Money is such a loaded topic in our culture, that it’s not surprising we feel scared of being corrupted by it. In many ways, money gives us power, and I believe power has the potential to corrupt. I think allowing ourselves to have more power (in the form of money and other ways) is actually a big undertaking in personal growth. To hold power well is something we need to constantly grow into, and is a task none of us can do alone.  

This concern can be an awesome starting point in considering how we ethically engage with money making. Some questions you can start to consider are:  

  • What helps me stay rooted in my own intentions and worthiness?
  • What systems and structures would help me stay in alignment with my values? - Is it creating some kind of group with your friends that you check in with?  Is it having a mission statement that reflects your values that you share with others? Is it strategizing how to increasingly share power in your business as it develops and generates more money?

Let yourself be vulnerable and tender as you consider what your needs around this are.

So if these are questions you want to lean more deeply into, this is the work we do here. You can check out my current offering below