Creating Collective Abundance


Premise: A spell. A promise. Deep work. Shameless. Joyful. Healing. 


Who is this for?

This club is for radicals who want to get paid. This is for you if you care deeply about undoing internalized capitalism, destroying actual capitalism, and dreaming into something very different to what we have now. Additionally, you are a business owner or service provider who wants to make more money in the system we have right now, and you want to do it as radically and ethically as possible.

If you just want to make money, and the first part (tearing down the system and creating something more beautiful) isn't as important to you, this isn't for you. This club is a place for those of us who take things like dismantling capitalism, destroying white supremacy, patriarchy and ableism, and participating in actual decolonization very seriously. When we know everyone in this club is holding this complex work with us, we can actually be more at ease and create grounded joy.

Want to make money to support your revolutionary dreams? Welcome. 



What you might be wanting in your life:

You want to feel more ease with money. You don't want to feel guilty or ashamed. You want to know how to sell things and feel good about it. You want somewhere to turn for support when you have an ethical conundrum. You want to learn more about business from an anti-capitalist perspective. You want a community of people who gets it. You want to stop feel a scarcity panic every month. You want to feel good sharing your work with people and find people who want to work with you. 

What we will do, what topics we will cover:


How exactly it works:

You will be sent lessons every week via email which will include inspiring, radical, and super helpful writing plus suggested homework. 

You will have access to an amazing private Facebook group that will be full of people who care about the stuff you do, and Sophie will be very active in responding to questions, stuck places, wonderings etc. We will create rich new understandings and breakthroughs together. 

You will be invited to a community call each month where we get to see each other's pretty faces and get in the moment support for things that are coming up for you. 

You will have the opportunity for a special rate on one-on-one sessions with Sophie. 

You will pay a monthly subscription fee of $100 that you can cancel anytime. The recommendation is signing up for 3 months, in order to go through a season together.