A group coaching program for the deep magical work of transforming yourself and transforming the world.



“Cast yourself, you are the spell” T. Thorn Coyle


Everything we do is a prayer, is an action, is a spell for the world we are creating (and the one we are destroying). How can we live into this even in our businesses, or especially in our businesses? What is it to carry the prayer of the longings in our hearts and apply it to how we express our gifts in the world?

In embodying our values, and embodying our value - of magical beings awake to peril and promise of these times - what do we do next? If we are passed trying to be good and trying to get it right, and are instead invested in the most beautiful possibilities - how does that transform our lives and businesses?

In this group coaching program we will be creating a magical container together for deep healing and courageous action - unlearning internalized oppression, recognizing external oppression, and committing to our own radical visions, together. 


What if your blocks around work or money are the guiding lights to the truth of this moment, and to the truth of your longings for a better world? 


In this program we will look at the things that make an online business work - including messaging, marketing, pricing, selling, branding, and the work itself, and do it from a radical, and relational perspective.


As we explore these different topics, we will be engaging with consistent threads of radical aliveness:


  • anti-capitalist relating

  • overcoming objectification of ourselves and each other

  • congruence

  • building capacity for being with complexity and truth

  • non-coercive change

  • unlearning dominator paradigm ways

  • trusting the truth of our interdependence

  • undoing perfectionism and the need to be good

  • and restoring the abundance and aliveness that is our birthright.


“the whole globe is shaken up, so what are you going to do when things are falling apart? You’re either going to become more fundamentalist and try to hold things together, or you’re going to forsake the old ambitions and goals and live life as an experiment, making it up as we go along..” Margaret J. Wheatley





3 months of deep healing the wounds of capitalism, with the support of community.


There will be a Facebook group, where we can grow ideas together and where you can receive support for stuck places and wonderings as they come up during the week. 9 zoom video calls for going deep and seeing each others faces.



I would love to have you join us!


There are two options for paymnt – monthly for $185 and a pay in full for $525



In sight of the old gods and the spirits of the land, supported by ancestors of blood and path – together we are rooted in something beyond patriarchal capitalist white supremacy, and together we have deep wells of wisdom to tap into for insight into how to move forward in an increasingly complex and perilous time.


Hearing the call to a wilder and more beautiful way of being, we seek to grow our autonomy through our businesses, as we hone our healing and magical skills. Acknowledging the truth of our interdependence, we lean in to the magical webs that connect us.