Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m an anarchist mystic and radical business coach, dedicated to living in communion with the land and being responsive to the needs of these apocalyptic times.

My work focuses on:

  • supporting radicals to thrive in their online service-based businesses

  • cultivating our capacity to emotionally and materially support each other

  • untangling and freeing our bodies and relationships from capitalism

  • building cultures of beauty, care and connection

  • centering the wisdom of the oppressed, the sick, the crazy, and the traumatized

  • promoting vulnerability and transparency as a basis for emergent and liberating relational practices

  • connecting to place - understanding land, ancestry, spirits, memory and rootedness and their role in decolonization and solidarity

  • surrendering to the great mystery

  • listening to the water


My past work includes anti-capitalist money coaching, feminist life coaching, group ritual, illuminating the ways systems of oppression show up in relationships, radical business advising, experiments in radical economics, restorative conflict facilitation, following a path of feminist mysticism, anarchist living, exploring the nuances of power, coercion and connection in communication, and practicing ancestral ways of connecting with the earth.