"Fuck you patriarchy, I'm going to claim what I need to thrive" 



One-off sessions to tell patriarchy and white supremacy to fuck off, and claim what you need to thrive.

Have patriarchal stories of unworthiness got in the way of you having what you need to be well? 

Do you feel guilty for charging or asking for money?

Do you question the value of what you have to offer?

Does it seem impossible to do what you really want to do and be well supported?

Capitalist white-supremacist ableist hetero-patriarchy really messes up our self worth and how we value our work in the world.

You are worthy of money. Right now we live in capitalism, and you need to have enough money to have what you need to be well. 

If you need more money but you feel weird about asking for it or charging for it, come and talk to me!

These hour long sessions are part validating pep talk, part trauma-informed worthiness work, and part getting crystal clear about your value as it relates to money in these systems-dismantling times. 

The intention is for you to leave feeling affirmed and open to support (including money). 

We need you, and we need you well. Come and talk to me. 

This month the pricing model is 8 fixed price sessions, and 4 gifted sessions.

The fixed price sessions are $150. If you resonate with the themes of my work, I believe these sessions will open doors for you. I have four gifted spots available for women and non-binary BIPOC (message me). You are also welcome to buy a session to give one to someone you know, or someone I know, if you're feeling gifty. 

Once these 12 sessions are gone, they are gone. I will be offering a different theme next month.

UPDATE: Gifted spots are all taken. 4 paid spots left.




When payment is received you will be sent a link to schedule the session.