Holy Vessel


Creating the container of you. Anti-alientation. Finding ourselves int hese times. Our sacred, sick, sensitive holy selves.

Readying ourselves for what comes next.

Sanctuary. Gentleness. Holding. For frayed nerves and waves of despair. For burn out and “I don’t think I can do this anymore” moments.


For fear of not good enough and violent perfectionism.

This is of course a 6 week holding space for this work. It will not solve all your problems, and it will not teach you everyhtin you need to know and make you rich and happy forever. It will provide frameowrkds that you can use in your relationships, your work, your relatinoship to yourself, your creatviity, your aliveness in trying times.

We need you.

Holding the complexity. Holding the not knowing.

Sacred divine priactices to refill your cup. Boundary work. Communication work. Decision making work.

healing and learning. you matter. so much.

Gentleness. Mystery. What holds us?

The ravages of capitalism and oppression on our wise and precious bodies and spirits.

Softening. Sanctuary. Joy. Wonder, awe, possibility, mystery.

It will include readings from Luce Irigaray, Simone Weil, Hildegard of Bingen, Marion Rosen, Peter Block, Donna Haraway, Judith Herman,

Nature. Boundaries. Restoration. Creativity.

Mystics, witches, herbalists, healers, coaches, spirit workers,

clearing things up.

giving and receiving

knowing whats true and whats possible behind the narratives of oppression and how they lodge in our brains as scarcity, over working, feeling not good enough.

we will recognize these things for what they are. Mechanisms to control us. We will get free.

patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, ableism, and heteronormativity really do a number on us. And while we are in these systems how do we regain our soveriegnty, our joy, our softness, our bravery and our belonging?

What is the truth that lies beyond?

This will be a great primer for the courses that are coming in 2019.

against urgency. because the work does matter so much.

The nourishing darkenss, the holy earth.

mysticism - direct revelation. You’re connection with the divine, which is you, which is everyhtng, beyond the hierarchical structures of the every day world.

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

On Monday each week you will receive an email with readings, practices, writing prompts and meditations.

On Thursday each week we will gather via zoom to learn and heal together, discuss the weeks teachings, and be held in our transformative work.