Spring Emergence!

3 months of one on one coaching and mentorship to grow your radical business - just in time for spring! Doors close on February 28th.


What does it take to run our businesses in a way that nurtures the conditions for care, bravery, dignity, and solidarity?

What needs to happen for our businesses to make us more available to the struggles that matter to us?

What are the conditions for our businesses to support us in a way that connects us with others and builds actual community?


Building post capitalist cultures of care and beauty is a complex undertaking. We are navigating surviving in the system we have while consistently dreaming into and making possible something very different. 

How we relate to each other as we do this matters. 

Connection to the land and to things that are bigger than us matters. 

Cultivating our capacity for solidarity with those resisting colonization matters. 

Finally listening to our own voice and our own inner guidance system matters. 

We can be guided by practices of embodiment, relationality, vulnerability and emergence as we meet our material needs and offer our gifts.

If you are struggling with your business and feeling weird about promotion and sales, etc. it might be because you are tapping into the ways you don’t want to participate in the current system, and that is a good thing. The feelings of wanting it to be different contain the seeds of a new way of being.


In this coaching program we will dive into this business model of radical integrity and the expression your true and very valuable gifts in the world. Together we will find possibility, truth, and magic for creating a business that is alive, abundant, meaningful, flourishing, and evolving.

Keeping our aliveness and truth intact matter - it keeps us available for joy, grief, solidarity, and whatever these times might ask of us. As we run our own businesses, we can do it in ways that deepen our connection to ourselves and each other, and crucially - that resist alienation and the hardening of our senses and hearts. 


If you have the seeds of a business and you want to make it a real thing in the world,

have a business already, but it’s not supporting you as abundantly as you want it to,

or if you have a successful business but it doesn’t feel right and you want to reorient your methods to something that embodies deep integrity for you

This for you


  • 1 90 minute deep dive call via zoom in the first week to go really get clear on your vision.

  • 9 60 minute coaching calls via zoom

  • Email and iMessage contact during the week to get support when you need it, to review content, ask questions, or shift something quickly.

  • Access to my library of resources and recommendations on a wide variety of topics related to business and anti-capitalism.

  • Assignments between calls that both create clarity, and shifts in awareness, and, move things along practically in your business.

  • My unwavering support and belief in you.

Price: $600 per month for 3 months

If this sounds like what you are looking right now, book an appointment here to connect by phone or just send me a message saying you want in, and we’ll go from there.